Imagine Having A Dashboard With Weekly Keyword Rankings, Site Audits, Competitor Analysis, PPC Advertsing Analytics, Social Media Tracking, and More!

Local Small Business Owners now have the capabilities large businesses have been using for years.  With No Coast Social keep the pulse on your business AND also your competitor’s website.  

Think about it, do you have a competitor that ranks high for keywords you want to rank in the SERP? 

Now you can know what backlinks, keywords, social media, and reviews they have that are pushing them towards the tops.

Do You Want An Easier Way To Your Clients to Leave You A Review?

There are many different factors to help your website rank higher in SEO, one of them is the amount and quality of reviews your business has.  Now with No Coast Social it is easier than ever for your clients to leave you reviews.

Make sure your business NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) are accurate on all of the major listing sites out there.  

What about Alexa?  Does she know you exist?  How about the other 80+ directories?

With more searches being done on home smart speakers and via Siri, you need to be sure you are listed with Apple and Alexa.  Just having your listing on Google won’t cut it anymore.

Also, Google scrapes the sites to ensure your information is accurate, and if there are duplicates or misinformation out there, your website’s ranking could be penalized. 

Facebook Messenger Screen

How is your Google My Business performing? 

GMB is becoming more and more vital for SEO.  Imagine a social media experience on Google when local customers are searching for your business. 

Having a robust GMB account is just as crucial as Facebook and LinkedIn currently. 

Do you want a free site audit report?  

Simply enter your domain and the email you would like the report to be sent and that’s all you have to do. 

No strings attached, if you have questions after receiving your report feel free to reach out to us via email.